不錯的靜思語ㄛ ^o*在海豚PO小王子音樂劇感想前以及會PO兩篇有關趴趴走+吃吃喝喝+照片整理的文章前先分享個不錯的靜思語墊檔啦 謝謝王子君囉 Contemplating~~靜思語1. 發脾氣是短暫的發瘋。Giving vent to anger is temporary insanity.2. 我們對生命無所有權,只有使用權。We do not have a claim on our life, but only the right to use it.3. 皺眉和微笑都是一個動作表情,何不微笑?A frown and a smile are both possible. Why not smile?4. 世上有兩件事不能等,一是孝順,二是行善。There are two things in life that cannot wait, fulfilling filial piety and doing good deeds. 5. 對父母要知恩、感恩、報恩。酒店經紀Recognize, appreciate and repay your parents' love. 6. 一個人不怕錯,就怕不改過,改過並不難。One should be afraid not of committing mistakes, but of not correcting them. It's not difficult to correct mistakes. 7. 做好事不能少我一人,做壞事不能多我一人。Include me when doing good deeds, exclude me when doing evil deeds. 8. 閒人無樂趣,忙人無是非。An idle man has no pleasure, a busy man has no time for dispute. 9. 改變自己是自救,影響別人是救人。To change yourself is to save yourself, to influence others is to save other people. 10. 犯錯出懺悔心,才能清靜無煩惱。烤肉Only through repentance of one's sins will one achieve tranquility and relief from worry and anxiety.11. 做人固然不應將自我看得太重,但也不要看輕自己能力。Do not think too highly of yourself, and yet, never underestimate your ability. 12. 口說好話,心想好意,身行好事,腳走好路。Speak good words, have good thoughts, do good deeds, and walk the right path. 13. 口說一句好話,如口出蓮花;口說一句壞話,如口吐毒蛇。Good words are like lotus flowers blooming on lip; Bad words are like poisonous snakes hissing out from mouth. 14. 人性之美,莫過於誠;人性之貴,莫過於信。The 二胎beauty of humanity lies in honesty. The value of humanity lies in faith.15. 施比受更有福。To give is better than to receive.16. 手心向下是助人,手心向上是求人;助人快樂,求人痛苦。We help others with our palms down, and we ask for help with our palms up. Helping brings happiness, begging brings pain.17. 甘願做,歡喜受。Be willing to do, be happy to bear.18. 心中長存善解、包容、感恩、知足、惜福。Always bear in mind the following virtues: understanding, forgiveness, gratitude, contentment, and treasuring your blessings.19. 做該做的事是智慧,做不該做的事是愚癡。To do whatever 汽車貸款should be done is wisdom, to do whatever should not be done is ignorance.20. 我們最大的敵人不是別人,而是自己。Our greatest enemy is probably not others, but ourselves.21. 要比誰更愛誰,不要比誰更怕誰。Let us compete with who is more loving, not with who is more feared.22. 為自己找藉口的人永遠不會進步。We can never improve if we always make excuses for ourselves.23. 看別人不順眼,是自己修養不夠。One who constantly looks down on others reveals his lack of moral cultivation.24. 盡多少本分,就得多少本事。The more effort you put into your work, the more ability you gain.25. 屋寬不資產管理公司如心寬。It is better to have a generous heart than a spacious dwelling.26. 生氣,就是拿別人的過錯來懲罰自己。Getting angry is actually punishing ourselves for the mistakes of others.27. 一個人的快樂,不是因為他擁有的多,而是因為他計較得少。A person's happiness stem not from how much he owns but from how little he complains.28. 並非有錢就是快樂,問心無愧心最安。Money does not necessarily bring happiness. A person with a clean conscience is at peace most.29. 要批評別人時,先想想自己是否完美無缺。Before criticizing others, consider whether we are perfect and without fault.30. 代償小事不做,大事難成。If we are unwilling to do little chores, it will be difficult to accomplish great things.31. 時時好心就是日日好日。By maintaining a good heart at every moment, every day is a good day.32. 慈悲心即是清涼地。A compassionate heart is a clear and cool place.33. 慈是「與樂」,就是給與一切眾生快樂。Mercy is "giving happiness", giving all living beings joy and happiness.34. 沒有數字的代價即為「無量」。In the same way that a value without a figure is a "limitless amount".35. 不辭勞苦的付出便是「大慈悲」。Not counting the effort one puts out is "great 租房子compassion".36. 付出勞力服務,又服務得很歡喜便叫做「喜捨」。To give one's labor and service happily is more than "joyous giving".37. 傷在他身,痛在我心。The injury is on their bodies, the pain is in my heart.38.不要封閉自己。你要先愛別人,別人才會愛你。Don't close yourself off. You should love others first, and then others will love you.39. 唯有尊重自己的人,才更勇於縮小自己。Only those who respect themselves have the courage to humble themselves even more.40. 人能和則是非不生。When people can live harmoniously together, there is no dispute.41. 人都是求「有」,什麼叫「住商房屋有」呢?有就是煩惱。Everyone seeks "to have". What is "to have"? It is to have worries.42. 君子如水,隨方就圓,無處不自在。A gentleman is like water, which takes the shape of the container into which it flows. He is comfortable in any situation.43. 死掉過去的煩惱心,生出今日解脫的境界。Forget the worries of the past and be free today.44. 把心胸放開,自然就可斷除煩惱。If you broaden your mind, you will naturally stop worrying.45. 自造福田,自得福緣。Cultivate your own field of blessings and reap your own good fortune.46. 吃苦了苦,苦盡甘來;享福了福,福盡悲來。When your 銀行利率suffering is finished, fortune will come ; when your blessings are used up, misfortune will come.47. 脾氣嘴巴不好,心地再好,也不能算是好人。If you have a bad temper and a foul mouth, then no matter how good your heart is, you are not a good person.48. 大錯誤容易反省,小習性不易除掉。It is easy to think about one's big mistakes, but very hard to get rid of small bad habits.49. 要學得「平常心」。Learn to have a steady mind.50. 有心就有福,有願就有力。Intentions beget blessings, vows beget strength

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